Mar 19 2024

Day 20,134

Took a little trip to stretch my legs on some walkies, get some bubble tea treats for the mermaid, and pick up some other sundries needed from the drugstore.

Got my hair cut over the weekend courtesy of said mermaid and a handy pair of clippers set to “Private Pyle” I am now about 4 lbs lighter, and my noggin is much more cool in the now-springtime weather. (Sunny and clear, 52⁰F, feels like 48⁰F)

Took a swing by The Basement, but no dice on the Swamp Thing doll for which I’ve been sniffing around. The ducks and geese were out in full force, a couple of squirrels, but very little else were visible.

Added @maximillian_deersteak to the picture in spirit, though she had to be at work. Hopefully the Bubble tea and some chewing gum will act as a balm to her missing out on walkies.

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