Mar 16 2024

Day 20,131

Just a lizardman ranger in the weird wild west. Testing blur filters, but I think I prefer it without any.

Went for a little drive with @maximillian_deersteak this morning, got a spot of McBreakfast and returned home to lounge a bit before our day continues.

Spring has really sprung, lots of flowing trees and such. I expect the nearby golf course will be hopping soon. Might go to Harvest Moon later for groceries, if our heart is in it, or just to Grandin, maybe.

Been hitting the Easter / springtime treats sent by the inlaws… hard to resist sweets around here! Pearl was trying to get into the bag of malted milk eggs, but it has eluded her so far.

Lounging in the red room is a dangerous trap, so comfy and the girls especially it in here too, as it is sunny and warm. Good place to just read, doodle and relax.

#doodle #cryptid #lizardman #oldwest #wildweirdwest #blurfilter