Mar 18 2024

Day 20,133

Saw the Inspo pic on the facebook page of Lenny L. Roboticus, and wanted to do a doodle of a beetle in a spacesuit near a little spaceport.

I like to think that the beetle would keep two arms inside the suit for protection, to operate the onboard computer and other scifi reasons.

I wonder how a critter with an exoskeleton would deal with high-g takeoffs compared to a human?

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Mar 18 2024

Prompt of the day – Mummy Tangerine

A slightly brighter shade than mummy brown, and comes in a lovely decorative fruit crate sarcophagus!

(Mummy Brown was a pigment of paint that became popular in Europe during the 16th century. The rich brown color was made from grinding up Egyptian mummies, both human and feline. It was prized for its transparency, and was used for painting shadows, glazing, and flesh-tones in both oil and watercolor works of art.)

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