Mar 21 2024

Day 20,136

PT today went well, hopefull another step forward to greater health, less pain, better maneuverability and balance. A pity that there is no magical, “snap your fingers” solution to things. Slow and steady wins the race for me, I think.

Jake, the trainer guy, liked my new haircut (funny, because he’s a Mr. Clean lookalike, minus the bushy eyebrows and the earring). My buzz cut is about 1/4 inch everywhere on my noggin, including beard, so compared to him, I’m a shaggy boy.

Still waiting to hear back about my brace, but that might still be a while yet.

Inlaws coming back to town, so I am preparing myself for the upcoming tech support, heightened activity, more takeout and crime dramas. I am actually really looking forward to it, because I love them dearly, and even better, I like them, too.

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