Mar 25 2025

Day 20,140

Two of my favorite things mashed together are today’s prompt – The Creature from the Black Lagoon and Mushroom! Kudos @borolina_illustration for that, and all the choices.

Yesterday was a toughie for me, I’m glad that I doodled this one out back a little while ago, when I first saw the prompt list posted.i intended to put some background in, but I was so wiped out on pain meds and general ugh that white space won out.

Creech is one of my big “fiddle and fix” challenges, both him and ben Grimm’s head require me to look at models before drawing, because of all the odd, “gorilla-ish but not quite” features to be drawn. I almost always get the brow and mouth wrong for lil creech. Thankfully, a whole lot of references exist for both.

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