My back has gone from a minor but painful tightness this morning, to something worth going home over this afternoon.

It is now rapidly approaching intolerable, the worst I can recall it having been in years. Double sciatica, both legs, now. I’m going to bed, and if after a hot shower again tomorrow morning it’s not at least a little better, I’m going to the doctor for a shot of cortisone, or some other anti-inflammatory. It actually hurts to the point where I’m sick to my stomach, but I think I’ll be able to lull myself to sleep, if I focus. I’m ok in one position, but getting up or returning to a sitting or laying down position is very difficult.

This is my own fault, for not staying on top of my proper regimen. Future Scotto, remember, or it’ll come back and kick your butt again.

Any spare healing vibe would be appreciated.


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