my feelings today are muted. I have a mix going, a little numb coverage overall. I’ve got a mild headache. [update 6:21- headache has passed, feeling better physically]

With the exception of the lovely emails and calls, it doesn’t really feel like my birthday. Just sort of hanging around and having some lunch. I turned down an invite to go out ot lunch and another to go see ratdog… not in the mood for it. I paid off the landlord for the month (he was supposed to be by yesterday, but never showed up.Tardiness. A peeve.)

Sat out front, and watched the goodyear blimp fly by… heard back from Robyn, but not sure where the website thing is going. She’s a nice woman.

I missed the ice cream man by inches. bah… I wanted a tofutti cup of super-chocolatty chocolate. ’twasn’t meant to be.

My birthday haiku –

time for a good nap?
surf the net, pet the kitty….

Take a look at skinema. All about celebrity skin conditions, including moles, wrinkles, and acne scars (doesn’t the name “Edward James Olmos” spring to mind? That guy is one great big pockmark.) Presented by a dermatologist, which only proves that doctors can come up with some pretty funky stuff on the web when they’re not prodding you with strange objects and writing out illegible prescriptions. Oddly compelling.