Sheldon Allman, 77, the Voice of a Singing Mr. Ed on Television, Dies

via the new york times.

Sheldon Allman, a songwriter and actor who was the singing voice of Mr. Ed and composed the theme songs to “George of the Jungle” and other television shows, died on Jan. 22 at his home in Culver City, Calif. He was 77.

The cause was heart failure, his family said.

In “Mr. Ed,” the popular sitcom about Wilbur Post’s talking horse, the voice of the title character was provided by Allan Lane. But whenever Mr. Ed sang, it was with the voice of Mr. Allman, who also wrote all of his own songs, like “The Pretty Little Filly With the Pony Tail” and “The Empty Feed Bag Blues.”

Mr. Allman also wrote the theme music for “Let’s Make a Deal” and for the cartoons “George of the Jungle,” “Super Chicken” and “Tom Slick,” which were parts of a half- hour animated series that had its debut in 1967. The program was short lived, with only 17 episodes produced, but it found popularity largely because of the comic theme to “George of the Jungle,” which repeatedly warned the clumsy vine swinger to “watch out for that tree.”

When a live-action film of “George” was made in 1997, starring Brendan Fraser, the one-minute tune was recorded by a trendy rock band, the Presidents of the United States of America, and integrated into the film’s full score.

Mr. Allman wrote the three cartoon themes with Stan Worth in one productive afternoon in 1967.

“Stan came over to my house,” Mr. Allman recalled in 1997. “We started at 1 o’clock, and by 4 o’clock we had three songs.”

In 1960 Mr. Allman made a comedy album, “Sing Along With Drac,” on which he sang monster-theme parodies of popular songs, including “Fangs for the Memory.”

He also collaborated with Bobby Pickett, the singer of “Monster Mash,” on a musical about Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman called “I’m Sorry, the Bridge Is Out, You’ll Have to Spend the Night,” which bears a resemblance to the 1970’s film “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” but was written in 1966.

Mr. Allman, who was born in Chicago, moved to Los Angeles in 1949 and began writing music, singing in nightclubs and acting in film and television. He appeared in the films “In Cold Blood,” “Dirty Harry,” “Hud” and “All the President’s Men,” and in the television shows “Little House on the Prairie,” “The Twilight Zone” and “I Dream of Jeannie.”

He is survived by his wife, Dr. Lorraine Allman; a daughter, Anne Allman Huddleston of Los Angeles; and a brother, Sam Allman of Vancouver, British Columbia.

I had a wonderful day with the bro, a photo album, unsorted available here.

Seriously… we are bluntman and chronic. (though we don’t smoke the pot, these days.)

Time was spent visiting the art museum, the jazz brunch on riverwalk, the science museum for a lovely lunch (veggie subs at subway, his treat. 🙂 yum!) looking around at the library and the local churches, some run down buildings, a really neat underground bookstore (where I saw a RAW bok I’d never seen before…and will be back to get it payday) to get some iced tea and milk-duds, and los olas (which was a huge block party getting ready for the superbowl… people were still jovially buzzing, but there were lots of cops out and about for the dingalings that are bound to arrive with more booze or scoring happening on the wrong sides. dozens of couches and large screen TVs (REALLY LARGE, MOVIE SCREEN LARGE) were placed at the four corners of riverwalk, with plenty of brew, food and good vibes. I twas a little hot, but not too bad. Big laugh of the day, playing secret agent, taking pictures in the art gallery… a big no-no… we didn’t use any flash, so some of the pics are a little muddy, but I didn’t want to hurt any paintings or attract attention. Laughter reighned supreme with thumbprints…. a portrait of a woman, totally made of thumbprints… we created a whole history of a psycho artist kneeling over the canvas, naked except for a leather apron, giggling madly, and sticking his thumb on an inkstamp, and then to the page…. He was half gollum, half hannibal lechter.

At the library a rent-a-cop hassled me about taking pictures…out the window! Fark his noise.

I’m back now, and enjoying some applesauce, looking for non-football on TV. I got some serious sun.

And now, the obligatory Newtie pic of the day.
newt looks up to me

Color me link-happy this morning.

Good Mornin‘, Livejournal. I had wonderful dreams last night. Wrote them in my paper journal, and will transcribe when I have more time.

Well… it’s Sunday morning, and I’m going to get together with my brother today, his treat for my birthday. 🙂 I’m not sure what we are going to do… I suspect lunch and maybe a trip to the IMAX, maybe a promenade down riverwalk. I will get more recent pictures. Taking the bus down Federal.

I’m from Boston, originally, and I’m glad that the Patriots made it to the Super Bowl. aside from that and some of the nifty commercials that result, I’m not a big NFL head.

The little girl next door is running in the courtyard, and Newt is chasing her along the window sill… I don’t think the munchkin even realises that ol’ Newty-boy is hunting her. I got a mental image of a Tiger in the Asian jungle, ready to gobble her up. Shere Khan in miniature. (I guess that’d make Blackie kindly Bagheera….) Somehow, I don’t think Newtie is in danger of any Buffalo herds running him down… (Mowgli doesn’t defeat him in the book, Disney fans.) as long as he’s an indoor tiger, no fear fo cars, either.

Time for me to hop in the shower, dress, and be on my way. A full report will follow upon my return. I want spicy, crispy tofu for lunch!