Got a few elements working on the tulpa project, but it’s off to a slow start. I think that in time it’ll pan into something nifty, though. Eric, Jane, Constance and Mr. LeThuy are all developed to a degree. Mary’s needs a little fleshing out, though. A variety club with exotic dancers, bare-fist fighters, performance art, and specialized hookers. (I think the sex and violence aspect will win out over the art side… although maybe It’ll be a way to squeeze some poetry into the deal.)

Concepts – raisable chain-link fence around the stage, covered with iron poles, hanging chains, free-standing platforms.

drugs are available… maybe love hidden among the lust, too.

Aries gang work as securty there, at odds with the peace force. (A neutral gang area but if members of a rival gang act up perhaps they can “deal with the situation” with some relish.)

back areas of the place will be heavy with smoke, strange smells, and noises that most folks would rather not identify.

pretty high turnover with both fighters and dancers.

fights there are without gloves, no weapons, no hitting an opponent who’s down (at least one knee on the ground) and the fight goes until someone can’t or won’t get up.

I found out today that Leisa and Brian had the baby last Wednesday. A little boy. I don’t know the statistics yet. Hooray for hippie-babies!