An orange cat… I’m not naming names… decided that it’d be fun to get up to snuggle and play extra early this morning.

He’s all tuckered out now, but I’m not ready to go back to bed yet… and it’s too early to go outside for walkies… still rather dark. Brain’s not up to really reading or writing too much at the moment.

Five hours until my ebay auction closes… nobody else has bid on it, but it’s usually not until the last moment that the sneaky-boogers jump in and start sniffing around.

Mild dizziness this morn. Not sure if it’s the groggies from an early rise, or if I’m getting symptoms of Dave’s cold. No other flu-elements yet, so we’ll see what happens. The ol’ noggin doesn’t have all the right marbles in the proper holes at the moment yet.

Well, off to the morning routine. See you in a bit, dear journal.

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