My back is back!


Yecka… that was awful… I’m not going to slack on my working out that area again. The upside is now I’m feeling physically quite well now.

Redesigning a newtork interface for setup and the laser department. It’s been fun, thus far. I’ve been hiding little “easter eggs” in it…some that won’t appear for years. I won’t say what they are, but maybe I’ll show a piccie later.

I’m glad to be home, though. A little weary from my mental gears turning, but it’s a good weariness.

before I go….

For the font addicts tuning in, here’s a way to make your own “alien alphabet” font in just a few seconds: The Alphabet Synthesis Machine is a new website I wandered into this morning. Crazy! I’ve often thought it would be neat if somebody would develop a fontmaking method where you could draw a few key letters (the R, for example, and the G) and a program would extrapolate basic letterforms based on the curves and weights and so on… This isn’t that, but it’s a pretty fun toy.

Well, off to work with me!

Up and at em, Atom ant!

Just heading into a lovely hot shower, and I’m feeling pretty good. A night of thick sleep, Newt laying along the length of my left shin. It’s pretty cool this mornin’. I’m doing well enough to go to work. I won’t be running all over the laser dept, though… Dale can do it, or they can come to me. I plan on parking my tush into a chair and just coding like a crazed monkey to get caught up. I’m very happy to be near the end of this owie.

Via queso –

If Microsoft were to release an operating system with a built-in mail server that allowed anyone, including spammers, to relay mail through it, we wouldn’t hear the end of it. If someone else — say, Apple — were to do the same, we would barely hear a peep.

I could easily spend hours and hours of amazed bliss staring at Scott Kim’s various visual inversions. Each link in his gallery is another example of an amazing blend of visual design, symmetry, and even trickery to produce damn cool results. No, really — go take a look, it’s worth the time.