Mar 21 2024

Day 20,136

PT today went well, hopefull another step forward to greater health, less pain, better maneuverability and balance. A pity that there is no magical, “snap your fingers” solution to things. Slow and steady wins the race for me, I think.

Jake, the trainer guy, liked my new haircut (funny, because he’s a Mr. Clean lookalike, minus the bushy eyebrows and the earring). My buzz cut is about 1/4 inch everywhere on my noggin, including beard, so compared to him, I’m a shaggy boy.

Still waiting to hear back about my brace, but that might still be a while yet.

Inlaws coming back to town, so I am preparing myself for the upcoming tech support, heightened activity, more takeout and crime dramas. I am actually really looking forward to it, because I love them dearly, and even better, I like them, too.

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Mar 19 2024

Day 20,134

Took a little trip to stretch my legs on some walkies, get some bubble tea treats for the mermaid, and pick up some other sundries needed from the drugstore.

Got my hair cut over the weekend courtesy of said mermaid and a handy pair of clippers set to “Private Pyle” I am now about 4 lbs lighter, and my noggin is much more cool in the now-springtime weather. (Sunny and clear, 52⁰F, feels like 48⁰F)

Took a swing by The Basement, but no dice on the Swamp Thing doll for which I’ve been sniffing around. The ducks and geese were out in full force, a couple of squirrels, but very little else were visible.

Added @maximillian_deersteak to the picture in spirit, though she had to be at work. Hopefully the Bubble tea and some chewing gum will act as a balm to her missing out on walkies.

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Mar 18 2024

Day 20,133

Saw the Inspo pic on the facebook page of Lenny L. Roboticus, and wanted to do a doodle of a beetle in a spacesuit near a little spaceport.

I like to think that the beetle would keep two arms inside the suit for protection, to operate the onboard computer and other scifi reasons.

I wonder how a critter with an exoskeleton would deal with high-g takeoffs compared to a human?

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Mar 18 2024

Prompt of the day – Mummy Tangerine

A slightly brighter shade than mummy brown, and comes in a lovely decorative fruit crate sarcophagus!

(Mummy Brown was a pigment of paint that became popular in Europe during the 16th century. The rich brown color was made from grinding up Egyptian mummies, both human and feline. It was prized for its transparency, and was used for painting shadows, glazing, and flesh-tones in both oil and watercolor works of art.)

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Mar 16 2024

Day 20,131

Just a lizardman ranger in the weird wild west. Testing blur filters, but I think I prefer it without any.

Went for a little drive with @maximillian_deersteak this morning, got a spot of McBreakfast and returned home to lounge a bit before our day continues.

Spring has really sprung, lots of flowing trees and such. I expect the nearby golf course will be hopping soon. Might go to Harvest Moon later for groceries, if our heart is in it, or just to Grandin, maybe.

Been hitting the Easter / springtime treats sent by the inlaws… hard to resist sweets around here! Pearl was trying to get into the bag of malted milk eggs, but it has eluded her so far.

Lounging in the red room is a dangerous trap, so comfy and the girls especially it in here too, as it is sunny and warm. Good place to just read, doodle and relax.

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Mar 15 2024 b

Day 20,130

Another reason to beware the ides of March! I went through a few drafts before settling on a fuzzy beastie, even though the original critter was sort of like the alien xenomorph. Why? Because it looks cuter to me. Despite the flower full of teeth and eyeball-pistil-tongue, I think it might still get a hug.

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Mar 15 2024

Day 20,130

Visited my local goblin artificer to get fitted for a leg brace. Hopefully it will help sufficiently with mobility issues I’ve been having, otherwise I might need surgery. I’ll cross that troll bridge when I get to it.

Stuck my foot in a foam cast and had my leg wrapped in a fiberglass cast to send off to fabrication, once insurance give approval, hopefully quickly.

Most of the folks there were wearing green for St. Patty’s day, and they were playfully teasing someone who wasn’t, until they realised her socks were green, and they raised a great cheer for her (despite her claim that it was just a lucky coincidence. ) I was measured and am now officially 77 inches tall, or about an inch shorter than previously listed. (1.95 meters)

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Mar 13 2024 b

Day 20,128

Prompt was “Frankenstein pineapple “, so I went for a little fruit salad action this time around. I wonder what an electrified, reanimated patchwork pineapple might taste like? Probably a horrible edible arrangement. Maybe I’ll just have one of those kiwis instead. I would guess that the reanimation would make the pineapple warm, so maybe it’s like a Hawaiian pizza sort of thing.

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March 12 2024

Day 20,127

Mounted Policeman Hank narrowly evaded the wolf attack last full moon. His horse, Midnight, was not so lucky and was struck on the haunch before running off at top speed, saving both of their lives. The following month, the wound had awakened a malevolence within the steed that had long been dormant. As the full moon’s power surged through him, Midnight’s transformation was complete. His once noble eyes now gleamed with a cruel intent! Sorry, Officer Hank. Better luck next life. That billy club isn’t made of silver. 🌕🐴🐺

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