Day 255

Swampwalk quarantine isolation day 255. Put in a more serious trek today, just to try and stretch out the limbs and get some blood to the extremities. Critter count on bog safari – at least two human in *very* low (seemingly treetop level) flying helicopters, one police and one yellow… maybe a trauma hawk? It was going fast and the only markings I could make out were colors and the five pointed star of law enforcement on the green one. Aside from those, other airborne creatures were a couple of osprey, a cardinal, and an assortment of little brown songbirds. One the ground, we had a couple of very fat squirrels, the neighbor dogs were out and talkative, both sign of any neighbor cats except for Smokey, a white with gray tipped fluffy boy that I haven’t seen maybe since before isolation started. (He was sunning in the window.) It is getting a bit cooler outside, and I am not complaining at all. Trees are pretty close to naked now. A few sugar maples are gripping tightly to deep red, orange and golds… green is pretty much gone for the season. Brought #geodraxus out in the mossy green colorway for the heck of things. Stood it on the plywood framework ot there that still has nothing hanging on eye hooks. Richie’s flag down the road has seen better days…. wind has hit it so hard that a few of the stripes are tattered apart into single color strips. I am unsure how he plans to get the flag down since the pole is just a skinny tree trunk painted white with a flag nailed to the top. At least the flag is American and not Confederate. He never had a spotlight on it, so I assume he isnt really up on flag etiquette, anyhow. Maybe a good statement on the way the country is today, but more likely just neglect on his part. #glyos #onelldesign #modulartoys #toyrobot #toyphotography #autumn #streamofthought #bogsafari #swampwalk #flagetiquette