November 10, 2020 at 01:09PM

Swampwalk quarantine isolation day 242

Comfortable temps, upper 60f.

Mostly clear, midday walk. Critter counts : in the swamp proper – a massive fluffy rabbit, two well-fed groundhogs, four squirrels, two bluebirds (not jays), a cardinal, and an osprey. Some small holly seedlings are making an appearance near the edge of the water.

In more human space- panda the cat on PG’s porch chair having a snooze, more finch type little brown birds with red heads, and another groundhog.

More foliage has dropped, maybe 80% is on the ground at this point. I love the scent of rotting leaves .. reminds me a little of pouch tobacco. Sweet, sort of earthy. Glad I had my inhaler with me as a maniac was running a fireplace in shortsleeve weather, but the scent of burning wood overpowered the other scents once I got to street level.

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