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March 28, 2023 at 12:37PM

Mini-swampwalk today, cut short by the old body not feeling great l.

The swamp was basking in sunlight, and the walk to the entrance not far away. As I set out on the trail, the towering trees, including loblolly pine, tupelo, and bald cypress, were especially awe-inspiring.

Various plants and animals could be seen in the swamp, such as ferns, wildflowers, some toadstools, and even a skunk cabbage! (I still hope to find a pitcher plant there sometime, but no luck yet.) The swamp was full of the songs of red-winged blackbirds, prothonotary warblers, and great blue heron. #bogsafari

#sisto #sistobrak #swampwalk #march282023 #glyos #battletribes #spymonkeycreations #gormiti #walkies #walkabout https://instagr.am/p/CqVuzQwOd-c/

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March 23, 2023 at 08:56PM

Asked auto generate a gamma world character, and then took that description to create character portraits.

Name: Zephyr
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant (Human/Gazelle hybrid)

– Enhanced speed and agility due to his gazelle-like traits.
– Can emit a powerful sonic blast from his horns, which he uses as both an offensive weapon and a means of communication with other mutants.
– Has heightened senses of hearing and smell, making him an excellent tracker.
– His mutated physiology allows him to resist many types of poisons and toxins.

– A set of lightweight armor made from scavenged materials that offers protection without impeding his mobility.
– A pair of hunting knives for close combat encounters.
-A handheld scanner capable of detecting radiation levels in the environment.

Character Story:
Zephyr was born into a world ravaged by gamma radiation, which had caused widespread mutations among humans and animals alike. As a child, he discovered that he possessed the abilities of a gazelle after accidentally emitting a sonic blast during an altercation with some bullies.

Over time, Zephyr learned to control his powers and became skilled in using them against potential threats. He left his home settlement at age 18 on a mission to explore the wasteland beyond its borders. Traveling solo has been lonely but allowed him unique opportunities for survival due to ability sets like tracking small game or avoiding roaming bandits during incredibly fast sprints across terrain.

#aiart #gammaworld #charactergeneration #stablediffusion #natdev https://instagr.am/p/CqJv99xsx3r/

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March 22, 2023 at 04:11PM

POV from Pearl’s perch at the moment

43 Peaks visible (with optimum view / perspective, natch), sorted by direction 0″ =N

Name, height, distance, direction

Green Ridge 1697 ft 5,4 mi, 54.1″
Flattop 2514 ft 14 mi, 61.0″
Apple Orchard Mountain 4223 ft 34 mi, 64.7″
Onion Mountain 3796 ft 33 mi, 66.8″
Harkening Hill 3354 ft 27 mi, 67.4″
Headforemost Mountain 3711 ft 31 mi, 67.6°
Mcfalls Mountain 2763 ft 26 mi, 67.7″
Coyner Mountain 2054 ft 12 mi, 69.2″
The Pinnacle 3672 ft 29 mi, 69.2″
Flat Top Mountain 3974 ft 28 mi, 69.6°
Sharp Top Mountain 3829 ft 27 mi, 71.3″
Buzzards Roost 3524 ft 27 mi, 71.6″
Wildcat Knob 2327 ft 17 mi, 72.6″
Foster Knob 2553 ft 17 mi, 74.9″
Read Mountain 2346 ft 9.5 mi, 76.6″
Greens Knob 2523 ft 15 mi, 87.2″
Stewart Knob 2425 ft 12 mi, 90.1″
Weaver Knob 2573 ft 13 mi, 91.6″, US (VA)
Round Hill 1247 ft 6.3 mi, 94.5″
Horsepen Mountain 1802 ft 14 mi, 98.0″
Chestnut Mountain 1562 ft 12 mi, 99.9″
Pine Mountain 1329 ft 13 mi, 109.6″
Lynville Mountain 1336 ft 16mi, 116.5″
Mill Mountain 1693 ft 8,5 mi, 118.9″
Lynville Mountain 2225 ft 14 mi, 124.4″
Panther Knob 2038 ft 15 mi, 125.5″
Stone Mountain 1602 ft 8.1 mi, 128.6⁰
Chestnut Ridge 1710 ft 5 mi, 133.5″
Roanoke Mountain 2172 ft 10.0 mi, 133.9″
Haystack Mountain 1647 ft 10 mi, 140.3″
Buck Mountain 1962 ft 9.6 mi, 149.0°
Murray Knob 2281 ft 13 mi, 152.2″
Mcilhaney Hill 1641 ft 11 mi, 154.7″
Grassy Hill 1707 ft 22 mi, 156.3°
Sugarloaf Mountain 1730 ft 5.2 mi, 165.0°
Masons Knob 3153 ft 9.6 mi, 168.8°
Twelve o’clock Knob 2599 ft 4.4 mi, 193.3″
Poor Mountain 3744 ft 9.1 mi, 211.5°
Pilot Mountain 2934 ft 23 mi, 224.3″
Den Hill 2248 ft 18 mi, 231.2″
Middle Piece Mountain 1989 ft 14 mi, 232.0″
Little Brushy Mountain 1920 ft 1.3 mi, 259.4″
Fort Lewis Mountain 3275 ft 5.1 mi, 269.6° https://instagr.am/p/CqGqhl1uySX/

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March 22, 2023 at 10:49AM

Tried out the bing ai art tool – prompt

A fluffy orange cat with green eyes and white whiskers sits on a wooden table. He wears a large sombrero that covers most of his head and ears. The sombrero is colorful, with red, yellow, green and blue stripes. It has a wide brim that casts a shadow over the cat’s face. The cat looks at you with a curious expression, as if wondering what you are doing. He seems relaxed and happy, enjoying the warm sun and the festive hat.

#aiart #dalle #bing https://instagr.am/p/CqGFw_jO4pn/

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