November 09, 2020 at 10:42AM

Swampwalk social isolation quarantine day 241

Non-evergreen trees have dropped about 40% of their leaves. There are some lovely colors still hanging on for the moment, and the ground has a nice thick carpet of brown, wet, sweet-smelling and spongy cover.

As for the critters, squirrels have been seriously munching on our tiny pumpkins and the odd old apple from our deck, along with bringing peanuts from next door… makes the leaving look a bit like the underside of some 1930s circus bleachers. Thankfully, the mess is dry and easily picked up.

Weather is still cool but not cold, about 64F, and clear.

Other beasties seen today aside from many squirrels were:

A possum, several black vultures, a small non-v (maybe a half dozen) of geese flying toward the bay, three humans, including two friendly neighbors and one military guy in a camo uniform walking down the road… the only visible black that he had on was his boots and sidearm. No cats or dogs, sadly.

Still processing election results. I was so worried that 45 would win somehow. I haven’t been able to be joyous yet, but hope that January will make for more steps forward.

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