November 04, 2020 at 01:17PM

Random memory to take my mind off of things in the present.

The very first memory of being in a hospital, having a mass on my face removed, and I had to have my jaw wired shut…. could only have liquid foods.

It was some time in the mid-70s and another kid in the same ward had that yellow helicopter, and he let me play with the mummy and the yellow six wheeler. The mummy could drive stick, in my recollection.

The kid’s name was Robby (not Bobby), and we both ate a ton of blueberry yogurt. (His jaw wasnt wired shut, but that didn’t matter) I still dig blueberry yogurt, mummies and those “banana splits type” go carts to this day. He was a good kid, happy to share, have fun, goof and play with another random kid. I wish more grownups were as keen.

I never had one of these sets of my own, but I did get into star wars figures and micronauts about a year later.

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