October 29, 2020 at 09:53PM

The pumpkin spins and reveals its empty leering face, its vulgar parody of a heart. Smiling but without regard, both illuminating and casting shadows. It’s the haunting hour on the year clock, the sun has set but light still remains: awareness of death. It’s a time known in solar terms as the crepescule. Somehow the color is simultaneously dull orange and grey-blue, like looking at a campfire with sunglasses on, or standing in the shadows, looking at the sun with your eyes closed. It’s natural to see phantoms at this time ofyear, just like it’s natural to see and hear things just before you go to sleep, as different parts of your consciousness program click on, disengage, and temporarily re-engage. ⠀

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October 29, 2020 at 06:18PM

From the pages of Colt Noble and the Megalords comes Tim Seeley’s War Man! Officially licensed War Man action figure, from Tim Seeley and Warlords of Wor

Fun to apply all possible fists to the cyber arm at once, impressed that it can stand with so much weight on one side.

Interesting to see alternate paint decorations to the blockade figure shown previously or clawbber figures in general.

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