November 24, 2020 at 12:55PM

Swampwalk quarantine social distancing day 256

Nice day, air is moist and a little brisk, maybe 53F.

Creature count – a nice fat groundhog, maybe the one I saw on the last walk with the inlaws? No huge mouthful of leaves this time so it is hard to compare. One osprey, a small v of geese, maybe 9?, some small brown birds, teo squirrels, two dogs in their yards, and no cats at all, save for Pyewacket begging for a tuna treat when I got home.

Trees haven’t changed much since yesterday. I think the last remnants will take a little while to drop off with the help of wind, rain, and maybe snow?

Quick walk this morning, so I can get back home to continue help my folks with a computer issue. Looks like the HD took a poop, and the automated backup copied said poop. (And the backup only goes 1 deep) doing my best to recover what we can and bring something of use to the surface. Tough to do over the phone with WhatsApp as a eye and WV as the hands. (Would have remoted in, but the machine is too far gone). May walk them through putting windows or linux on a stick to boot, if backing up and restoring factory doesnt work.

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