6763 – the journey home

More pictures of travel from Miami back to Fort Lauderdale

It was a long day, and I was happy to be heading back to the homefront.

The view of the city from Vizcaya’s outer dock.

The walk back from the Museum

Tube over 95, not so much graffiti visible from this angle

Statuary inside the station itself

A sad soloist… depressed he doen’t have a family, like the other one?

The ever-present construction, spreading cement like a virus. There is always some sort of building project on the horizon. The boat transit looks fun to me… I’d rather travel by boat than by car. (If I’m doing the driving)

It’s almost hard to picture people walking down below, between the buildings. Where is everyone?

POV through a more roughed-up window, down into a junk car lot. The train goes over *acres* of these places… I wish I’d gotten a good shot of some of the bigger junkyard items. There was an appliance graveyard where some clever gadgeteeer could probably assemble a giant robot in no time.

Crossover point from Metro to Tri-rail – Train bumper. I don’t see that stopping a speeding train, but it’s a good placemarker for end of line.

building the new station at Ft. Laud… going to have two sets of tracks, north and south, no waiting. They’re still going to have to run the schedule more frequently if it’s to be of any use, but it’s a start.

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