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The condo owners are out of town… silly for them to list it and not be available until later, but, whatever. I’ll know more today, I think.

Did the guy that invented combos see a snausage, and think it would be tasty for people to have a snack like that.. or was it the other way around, benefiting dogs?

Intelligent observation overheard ages ago – “Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

I can’t believe that a single packet of ramen noodles is considered to be “three servings”. That’s almost as bad as the “two fig newtons per serving” rule. Who decides this stuff? Very full people who aren’t so hungry and don’t like the product?

Random ramen factoids –

  • “Ramen” is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese characters lo mein, which means “boiled noodles.”
  • Ramen was popularized in Japan by a 17th century samurai named Mito Komon. You can see Mito’s actual ramen bowl and a reproduction of his favorite meal in the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka, Japan. The museum that attracts 1500 visitors a day–more than Japan’s national art museum.

I’m in the mood to watch the Rockford Files again.

Random Scotto Factoid: I had trouble remembering the difference between definitions for vertical and diagonal, until I learned the word vertigo. Likewise, horizontal was never a problem, because I already knew the word horizon. I learn better by association, rather than simply by rote.

Planetarium Trip Pictures

Outside the planetarium. Pretty yellow and white circle patterns in some kind of wacky linoleum over the whole surface.

Useless Pay phone #1. The Pylon it rests on is there, but the phone itself is missing. A common sight in Miami… better have a cell phone if you need to talk to someone. You can get a slightly better look at the hemisphere’s skin-pattern, too.

Inside the planetarium, pre-show. That’s the star projector gizmo.

One of the staffers dressed as Isaac Newton, giving a brief, but entertaining look at the laws of motion. He was quite good, and captured his mechanical mindset nicely. Factoid I picked up… apparently Isaac made dollhouse furniture for a gal he was sweet on as a boy.

From the Smithsonian Expeditions – Latin America and the Caribbean A wall-pattern. It mentions something about “All who disturb this site will .. urk-chack arggg…”

Heads of those who dared to oppose the curator’s hunger for artifacts. Jack Horkeimer ate the bodies.
Mayan king, or remains after Horkie’s Sloppy Joe feast?

SBD. Heh… more poo jokes. The entrance to an exhibit about the dangers of gas leaks. *Somebody* has a silly sense of humor, and I laud ’em for it. Does Applause come from “Applied Lauds”? Maybe some common roots there.

The Rest of the household exhibit was called “if these walls could talk“. Kind of boring, but they make for good non-sequiturs. That last one is pretty good… what secret? The house is really built on an ancient Indian burial site? Brutal Murders? Aliens? Nah, it’s just how well brick works as insulation. bah.

Another broken phone… someone tried to save it with duct tape, but to no avail. When it was hung up, the earpiece stayed in the cradle, but the rest fell off, attached only by connective tissue of wires between them.
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Slickball – very pretty little marble madness rip. I’m terrible at it… better at bubbles.

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