6756 – Journey, part 4, Sinister BBC series edition

Some things that seem taken from the set of The Prisoner TV series

They see all. Don’t even try to escape. They’re too high to be toppled, and even if you got one down, the dozen or so others would alert the warders. Perhaps it’s best to just them watch in silence.

A far less dramatic view from the same region. I am happy not to have been soaked the day I went. The one on the right was astoundingly clean and smooth… not mottled like the majority of the others. Clear skies… clouds roll quickly here.

The front steps… It might be my imagination, but I see cruelty on that face. It’s difficult for me to trust eyes that seem blind. There has to be a pupil or something to draw me in.

This guy seems softer, probably because of the eyes. He doesn’t seem to be too put out that he’s got a fruited headdress on, unlike the devil-meranda man in an earlier entry. He looks more sad, or inquisitive. His beard is boring without definition, but he looks like someone you could trust, unlike many of the other beardo-statues. Or is that just what they want me to think? Maybe because he’s looking up, not down?

The Archway, now unoccupied by bride or photographer. You can see two of the guardians off to the right, near a man who foolishly was wearing a vest and tie in the sun. Some portion of a wedding party? I wonder what purpose that big concrete plug serves, too. I’d use it to fend off angry animated statues or vines if I was trapped there at night at the wrong time of year. Not to mention the very real hounds that patrol the property after closing time.

The first image near what I call the “Janus-fountains”. All of these statues had a yin-yang aspect to them… masculine on one side, feminine on the other. The more paranoid parts of me can feel them turning silently to face my back when I focus my attention on other things. I wonder if the monitor-eyes glow faintly red after the sun goes down? It’s a nice place to sit and rest… it’s the top of the fountain stairwell, and quite peaceful.

Near each of the pillared busts (about 5 feet tall) is a small pool and fountain, with a bench to relax on. If I lived nearby, it would be a favorite outdoor reading spot.

Something nice about the grounds is that it’s easy to fall out of time there. A sloppy gardener left his hose behind, but it can be easily overlooked. I think that I’ll attend the Halloween party here this year… I’d really like to see this place by moonlight. Perhaps I can lure my sweetheart along, too. I hear there’s good music and great fun.

The other side of the statue above, facing the central area. It looks like tears have washed away the grim on his face right below the eyes, and I get sort of a Jesus-vibe from this… maybe it’s the brown.

Green dome, where the bride was posing.. after the tide went away, so did the majority of the standing seagrass, thank goodness. I whoopsied and overwrote my original as I scaled the image down, but the basics of the view are there. You can still see some seagrass on the bottom right, but the bulk is gone.

The Stone Boat

The view from the green dome. A giant, immobile stone sculpture of a ship is out by the water. Plenty of room to bring a boat to dock around it, but I certainly prefer to look at it without the city skyline interfering. If I had more ability, I’d photoshop it out. I consider this to be the back of the ship, though I don’t know for sure.. or even if there *is* a front or back.

View from the dock… cropped high to avoid all the seagrass and yuck in the water, no doubt. I should’ve taken another picture here, with a view of the water in front and behind.

The side I consider to be the front. You can see the green dome from behind. the split legs of the angel seem to change to fins, which makes me wonder if it’s actually the back of the boat… maybe she’s leaning into it, and will serve as propulsion?

Some of the “crew”. I guess sailors have some time to think while at dock. Pairs are perched on the very front and back points of the ship… along the sides, all the statues are singles. On the back, a pair of women sit back to back, but the front has a couple embracing.

I wonder what it must’ve been like to swim in that briny water, back when the building was new… I imagine they preferred the pool, just to avoid the brine and assorted water-life that lives within. You can see the little topiary trees on board best from this angle.. I wonder what it’d look like with a bunch of multicolored umbrellas and revelers dancing to a brass band?

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I would like to visit Portmeirion, sometime.

Lego Zombie Movie – All of The Dead Hooray once again for the Internet archive!

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Cake Man

By Joshi

cakeman eats cake
cakeman eats sandwiches
cakeman lives in a house
made of cake and cherries and orange sugar

cakeman sleeps
when it's night
and his bed is made of cake and cherries and orange sugar

How to knit edible panties using only chopsticks and twizzler-type candy.

I wish I was kidding. 302 calories. via knitty.

Helped Dan to set up his web page for school last night… Newt was a fussbudget while Dan was here… I think it was because Dan was taking up all of my attention and his kitty comfort comfort zones.

Justice League unlimited info – via Toonzone

Justice League Unlimited will relaunch the Justice League series when it debuts on Saturday, July 31, at 8:30pm (ET/PT). Cartoon Network today released plot synopses and dates for the first five broadcasts:

* Saturday, July 31: “Initiation” A reluctant Green Arrow is asked to join the new Justice League. He, Supergirl and Captain Atom are dispatched on a mission to stop a rampaging nuclear monster in Asia.

* Saturday, Aug. 7: “For the Man Who Has Everything” Batman and Wonder Woman surprise Superman at the Fortress of Solitude in order to bring the Man of Steel his birthday present. But when they arrive, he has been immobilized by a special “gift” that Mongul has delivered to him.

* Saturday, Aug. 14: “Hawk and Dove” Two siblings, one a pacifist and the other more aggressive, join Wonder Woman in a mission to stop a war between two neighbors. It turns out that the escalation of the conflict is all part of Ares’ plan to spread misery.

* Saturday, Aug. 21: “Fearful Symmetry” When Supergirl begins having some very disturbing dreams, she gets help from Green Arrow and The Question to figure out what is happening. It turns out she may not be dreaming after all.

* Saturday, Aug. 28: “Kids’ Stuff” Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are transformed into 8-year-olds in a desperate attempt to save the world from the magic of Mordred.

(also via the whole comics blog village.)

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