6757 – put a bid down…

Last night I reviewed and put a bid down on a condo. Nice neighborhood, the place is a very roomy one bedroom (much bigger than my last apartment, let along my little studio) in excellent physical shape, and in a nice neighborhood.

I’ll know if my offer was accepted this afternoon…it just came on the market yesterday morning, and nobody was in line in front of me, as far as I know.

I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Hm… I thought that they weren’t doing any more There-upgrades, but I just got notification that I’m back in the beta, and it’s been upgraded. Maybe it’s not going dark as soon as I thought.

Yet More Vizcaya

East side of the garden from the house.

Moving forward, the fountain view, those stairs lead up to the courtyard where the Janus statues are. Finally, waters deeper enough to not look so yellow. Happy to see more obelisks, too.

Zoomed in, to get a look at the water steps, and flowers at the base of topiary.

A duck gets to lounge in the cool waters.. I caught him right as he swam out of the shade.

Steps leading up to the Janus Statues, up the left side.. Were those lines to assist in moving stuff up on skids?

Hedge-flowers near the Janus section. They were pretty, but not very fragrant.

Shell-lined ceiling over the coral bench, really huge dome. I wonder if the shells in the center were replaced recently, since they still have some color, or is that just strategic rust stain?

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