Feb 21 2024, pt 2

Went back to watching SYFY’s Resident Alien, and it is a lot more entertaining now (possibly with the assistance of THC gummies used for pain relief). Some of the low humor tickles me, and I can tolerate “alien as autistic” trope well enough, if only for some delivery of deadpan truths at inappropriate times straight man bits.

Season 3 just started up, and they’ve let more people know he’s an alien, added a few plot elements that are to my liking, and the baby is no longer a major issue. It is leaning more into the Men In Black vibe sort of thing as season 3 begins, and I’m for it.

The first half of season two caused me to initially fall off, but went back when we saw season 3 was on hulu.

It is surprising how much ufo lore I have packed in my head, and amuses me when stuff about close encounters / grey aliens / reptilians / nordics / etc pops up. I wonder if the show will wobble into cryptids at all?

They are in Colorado, after all.

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