Feb 21 2024, pt 2

Went back to watching SYFY’s Resident Alien, and it is a lot more entertaining now (possibly with the assistance of THC gummies used for pain relief). Some of the low humor tickles me, and I can tolerate “alien as autistic” trope well enough, if only for some delivery of deadpan truths at inappropriate times straight man bits.

Season 3 just started up, and they’ve let more people know he’s an alien, added a few plot elements that are to my liking, and the baby is no longer a major issue. It is leaning more into the Men In Black vibe sort of thing as season 3 begins, and I’m for it.

The first half of season two caused me to initially fall off, but went back when we saw season 3 was on hulu.

It is surprising how much ufo lore I have packed in my head, and amuses me when stuff about close encounters / grey aliens / reptilians / nordics / etc pops up. I wonder if the show will wobble into cryptids at all?

They are in Colorado, after all.

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Feb 21 2024

Day 20,107 Nachos for dinner last night! Extra yummy, looking forward to any leftovers for lunch today. I think that I am in the minority in that I eat nachos with a fork… just easier for me than relying on a chip that might break or whatever before stuff makes it to my waiting maw. Doodled while waiting at the doctors office to check on my foot again, all seems to be coming along, but it never hurts to be sure. Current music- all the nachos you can eat / parry gripp #doodles #nachos #cryptid #health #feb212024 https://www.instagram.com/p/C3nQeN1MuSJ/?igsh=MXQ3Mzh2bjNqeXJjYQ==