Feb 17, 2024

Day 20,103

We were going to go to Floyd and hit the farmers market, but @maximillian_deersteak woke up first, saw it was 29⁰F outside, and said “aw, heck naw” and let me sleep in. I had already started the doodle, so let’s pretend we went and got yummy baked goods and some healthy noms.

Instead, we are relaxing for now and I am having a little breakfast of cashews, a banana and a little blueberry muffin. (I miss those Costco monster muffins that are approximately the size of a volleyball)

Tonight, the remains of the burrito meat and beans from the other night may get repurposed into an ingredient for chili in the crockpot to top baked potatoes, if all continues to plan. If not, we can always just make taco-topped taters which would be easier and not create more dishes to wash, but have less leftovers for later.

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