Day 20,086 Went on the greenway to take a little walk and brought the little diver with me. However, the pictures didn’t turn out, as it was very gray and my brain was foggy. A doodle-enhanced recreation will have to do. Weather was brisk, about 45⁰F, but was feeling quite a bit cooler, heavily overcast and a solid wind blowing. I had a jacket, but it was still a bit too cool to go for very long. After roaming a bit and waving to the sinister mallards (a trio of especially suspicious males specifically) in the water, I picked up a few bits of trash on the path and summoned a minor transport portal to return home. I returned home to cuddle with Pearl and put my foot up, since I think I may have over exerted myself on the walk. #doodle #walkabout #greenway #roanokeva #jan312024 #straifseven #bronzediver #ducks #walkies

Sisto and Harold wish you all a lovely National Gorilla Suit Day! #sisto #glyos #modulartoys #toyphotography #toystagram #battletribes #spymonkeystudios #warlordsofwor #gormiti #onelldesign #sistobrak #nationalgorillasuitday

Bronze Diver arrived before my birthday! Love the bronze and orange, plus a great paint job and chain, too. Boss little toy, and a limited run! Been a fan since infrared xray man, nice to have another of my favorite tropes (skelly in a spacesuit/suit of armor / deep sea diver) in action figure form. @straifseven2.0 #bronzediver #zombiediver #aquanauts #birthdayloot2024 #skellyinaspacesuit

Day 20,084 Two days to go! National Gorilla-Suit Day is coming! The very first suit was handmade in the 1920s by Carlos Cruz Gemora, a Hollywood make-up artist. His study of real gorillas from the San Diego Zoo coupled with his make-up expertise gave his suit authenticity. Second doodle is an updated Universe Man from yesterday’s tmbg entry. #donmartin #nationalgorillasuitday #universeman #tmbg #doodle #roanokeva

Jan 28 2024

Lego 40611 – New Year of the Dragon , before and after. Cute and very colorful 214 piece set. I rather like the repurposed saxophones atop the head. #birthdayloot2024 #yearofthedragon #lego40611 #roanokeva

Jan 28 2024

Day 20,083

future selfie from day 23,000, if this timeline permits.

Don’t go in there You’ll become one Freaky creatures Monster party Eyes of yellow Scales and feathers Tails in tethers Turn the lights off Bend the nightmare You control it Artful dodger Easy does it Shut the closet Get under the covers Snakes and lovers Turn the lights off #doodle #snow #roanokeva #ifimakeit #postapocalyptic #archery #mountains #possiblefuture

Sleepy Pearl

This kid is all tuckered out after playing all morning and some of last night in the box my Lego viking village came in, and playing with her little bird/mouse on a stick . #misspearl #catsofinstagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #stripedcatsofinstagram #roanokeva #sosleepy #jan272024

Jan 27 2024

Day 20,082 Another early birthday goodie arrived, this time from my Mom and W – she said that a little birdie helped pick it out and I am very thankful! Lego viking village – I really dig this set- it has a lot going on and now I sort of want to pick up a longboat to put next to it (if I find a good place to put the whole thing set up). There is a longhouse, a forge, a scout tower and a copper mine, along with tons of little doodads and greebles, like a fish drying rack and armor on varying levels of build/paint. Snappy 4 minifigs, including a chieftain, a shield maiden, a smith, and a warrior / archer. Some of my The new year’s dragon is also terribly cute, and I will endeavor to get it assembled before lunar new year. Might wait for Amy to come down to build it… or maybe not, depends on what the months ahead bring. #doodle #viking #legoideas #vikingvillage #lego21343

Jan 26 2024

Day 20,081 Made falafel dinner with baked potatoes last night, and the weather shaman bear cast some kind of springtime spell to make it in the low 70s outside today. No more snow in the mountains, except perhaps in the darkest, coolest shade. Pearl doesn’t seem to mind the weather change in the slightest, sucking on sunbeams where they turn up, snoozing with me and mrs. In-laws are back today, we are catching up with tv and socializing. First on our list, season 4 of Ms Scarlet and the Duke. #doodle #misspearl #catsofinstagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #stripedcatsofinstagram #roanokeva #jan262024 @pearlsquirrel

Jan 25 2024

Day 20,080 Fourth Wing doodle, and podcast update Relistening to the magnus archives now that it has returned- just finished episode 5, about the trash men / doll heads / scroll / teeth #magnusarchives #episode5 #fourthwing #violet #93lancaster #roanokeva #doodle

Jan 24 2024

Day 20,079

Experimenting with crayon / pastel brushes instead of my usual sharpie / marker. Some interesting effects available, can change how flat or “natural” an image can look and when put through different filters, results are quite variable. Better for highlights and a kind of warmth that seems simpler to express than with darker ink style.

#doodle #roanokeva #blueridgemountains #chalk #crayon #landscape #learning

Early birthday present from @maximillian_deersteak !

#nerdshirtoftheday #columbo #justonemorething #birthdayloot2024 #feb022024