Feb 16 2024

Day 20102 a palindrome!

The black Pearl has more than 100k miles on it as of this week, maybe it’s time to finally trade it in get a family hovercraft, or at least a few personal jetpacks to put in the back end? The crv is also very close to 100k, though wear and tear on it has been minimal since covid. Went to a new pain management place, and they also do physical therapy. Not too sure how keen on them I am yet, but I’ll take a few visits while I decide if they are for me in long term. Waited for a bit, thus the early doodle. The team there seems attentive if a little pokey. I wonder how many other posts are tagged with #jetpackyeti or #yetiinajetpack ? It seems that Instagram wants me to keep my hashtags to five or less, so I wonder if other hashes in comments will still work? Ah well, out of the doctor’s office – now to head home and get back to Friday shenanigans. Adios for now, doodle journal. #doodle #yeti #jetpack https://www.instagram.com/p/C3aoFQGORD3/?igsh=cjh4eWh6Y2IxcmRs