9630 – Wednesday

I really like the Prince George’s Plaza Metro station, even if it is in a fairly rough neck of the woods.


The whole place is just a neat design… lots of concrete, textures and angles hidden everywhere. I have half a mind to design a Counterstrike level for it. (Like I have that kind of time – Too many other things occupying my life to spend 30 hours building a level that will never get any play.

A pity it wasn’t one of the locations used in Fallout 3.

After work today, it was off to get our overdue weekly luxury of soda pop and two $1 scratch off tickets – results were the standard "we didn’t win anything, let’s drown our sorrows in a diet cherry dr pepper"

So.. What did I give up for lent? Just a bit of sloth, I think. I’m going to shoot for more vigorous walkies and getting back on my regular exercise regimen.

BHK made some tasty noodles w/ peas, broccoli and "meatballs" in a cream sauce. Good hearty stuff – Enough to take some with me to work tomorrow for lunch!

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