9011 – tues

I want a pumpkin and chocolate doughnut.

Attention Christmas Decorations… BACK OFF! It’s just barely October! Let me have pumpkins and harvest stuff for a while, why don’t ya? Sakes. Lots of neighbors have purple and orange fairy lights out… pretty keen to be in a region with folks in the seasonal spirit…. a “haunted house” is being rigged up at two blocks over, and another at the local fire station… looking forward to that, too.

Speaking of which: I just remembered and trotted out the Halloween background for the website. I really need to work on that some more.

Got another set of fillings today. Front teeth look a lot better now, though the doc couldn’t seem to numb one of them… I had a distinct Dustin Hoffman / Marathon Man vibe going for a about 15 minutes.

Is it safe?


That said, he did a great job aside from the pain, and I’m very happy now that there are no open nerves with easy air access in my head.

On the way home, we visited “the man” at ATW – see prior entry for photo. He’s Oktoberfesting!

Hire Me Direct

Trying something out – not sure if it’ll be a regular thing or not. Depending on what the subject is, I may get paid to do a post or two. Any items written about in this way will be clearly marked as such.

via dcist –

Ahh, rise and shine, Washington! It’s another beautiful fall day, so stretch and breathe in deep … but not too deep, unless you enjoy inhaling some of the worst air in the nation. Scientists are putting numbers on information our lungs already knew: the D.C. area “produces more carbon dioxide than several medium-size European countries,” the Post reports. This is due primarily to Maryland’s coal-burning power plants and our stand-still traffic, though the study notes that this doesn’t include other greenhouse gases, like methane. Still, seems like investing in asthma inhalers isn’t a bad bet.

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