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10,082 – Tuesday

Our initial plan for Tuesday Date day was to go see Avatar – It wasn’t meant to be, given that after shopping we got a bit sick instead of a movie, we  downloaded and played wii uno.

latest ATW man pics courtesy of ATW! My camera died right after Christmas, and the phone cam isn’t as up to the task, it seems.




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9984 – Friday the 13th

Flickr dump of recent pictures

Llamas, Newt, Pye with little water drops on his face, a neighbor’s race car, atw man watches kong devour fay, a seated gangster werewolf, and Baltimore at night.


Contemplating a netflix set-top box for streaming movies over the internet or from the desktop pc.

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pictures taken 2 years ago – newt with the palm cam

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9832 – Monday

Whew – super hot out today – in the triple digits… and I’m designed for cooler weather. Inside the house, we have the a/c set for 69F and the thermometer is reporting about 10 degrees warmer in here. Still, not as bad as outside.

Larry’s work on the closet expansion is done – double the accessibility, and it looks nicer, too. All that remains is painting around the edge, and we’re finished. Next trick will be adding another walled off area at the foot of the bed for more storage space. BHK and I are enjoying sleep in our own bed again, and the kitties are very pleased to be allowed back in the bedroom.

We went to Selby’s for supper – saw the ATW man changed again – now he’s got his head stuck through a billboard showing him lazing on a beach at sunset, playing guitar to some bikini babes.  Additionally, Chris and Mandy spotted some local wildlife (turtles and spider) and a nice barn – I autopano’ed the bar, to add detail – a pretty spiffy stucture.

0810092017.jpg.turtles!.[1] Desktop, 080809, 3 images, GC 004 - GC 006 - 6271x4783 - SCUL-Smartblend

Downloading half life mod – zombie master – look forward to playing it soon.

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9794 – Saturday

BHK and I stopped off at the flea market on the way to study at the library – picked up a nice fedora for $5. (see icon) comfy and it fits. Also got a rock heater for my back and/or BHK’s feet

ATW is especially freaky today – he’s being hunted by some giant clown phantom. Probably a cannibal.

Llamas off the side of the road, and a huge beetle when we got home!

S6304060.S6304055.S6304054.S6304051.S6304050.S6304047.S6304045.[2] Desktop, 100SSCAM, 10 images, S6304043 - S6304054 - 6581x2544 - SCUL-Smartblend.S6304043.S6304042.S6304040.[2] Desktop, 100SSCAM, 3 images, S6304038 - S6304040 - 3168x2334 - SCUL-Smartblend.[2] Desktop, 100SSCAM, 3 images, S6304037 - S6304042 - 3115x2258 - SCUL-Smartblend.S6304037.S6304035.[2] Desktop, 100SSCAM, 3 images, S6304031 - S6304035 - 2867x2384 - SCUL-Smartblend.S6304031.S6304030.S6304029

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atw man 4th

atw man 4th, originally uploaded by scottobear.

happy 4th of july from the atw man – watch your fingers!

note – seen after we went out too catch the Land of the Lost Movie today – I rather liked it, and I’m a fan of the original show.

9687 – mon


ATW man on riding lawnmower, and local flowers.

back to the doc – late appointment – sciatica down both legs, and lower back very painful. Was told that I can only work form home, if at all. Hopefully, I can chug along ok on the laptop, but it’s petty painful.

Salsaritas for dinner after – probably won’t be going back. Cost as much as Mexico, and only about half as good.

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