9007 – sun

Newt hears migrating birds outside, and raids the window. Pye was soon to follow. Newt’s pooch there isn’t a big tummy, just fur.
Brisk weather outside – lovely stuff, helps my breathing quite a bit. I could actually see my breath the other night when we picked up last minute gift bags for Tina’s party last night…we’re hitting my seasonal weather of choice. I’m looking forward to wearing a jacket.

Dashed off to the Giant with BHK – we bought some cold cuts and cheese to make ourselves some picnic lunch outside… sat on the bench and made each other sammiches. Best meal I’ve had in a while – I’d rather eat stuff that fresh and enjoy the weather than go to a big restaurant. I really preferred it to tonight’s spaghetti dinner, in fact. Louise is renowned for for her spaghetti sauce, but I’m more of a fan of (Gordon Ramsey alert) Simple / Rustic style of cooking. In fact, BHK and I both have been found using that as commentary on food (and whatever else) these days. Like calling Marco Polo out… if one of us says Simple there is bound to be an echo of Rustic not too far behind. Hey, it’s better than picking up his swearing habit, I guess.

Louise’s sauce and pasta was supplemented by Tina’s new beau Matt’s meatballs, which I hear were pretty tasty, especially the beef. The turkey ones looked good, but maybe a bit dry. His sauce looked decent – I wonder how it mixed with Louise’s?

The in-laws brought salad, and BHK made the birthday cake – carrot, with autumnal colored sprinkles in the cream cheese frosting. it was pretty darn tasty – somehow, still warm after our meal.

Tina got a lot of jewelry as loot – we gave her 1001 places to see before you die , some pedicure knickknacks and a necklace with a pearl and a pink shell motif. Louise did pearls for her too.. very similar to those she got BHK for her b’day. In-laws got her a heart necklace and earring set in sterling (I think), and some nice black gloves. I don’t know what Matt got her.

I won our game of apples to apples (that’s what we picked up last minute earlier – it was that or play boggle… and not a lot of folks have the scrabble / spelling ferocity or Carcassonne bent that BHK and I do) – since there were 7 of us (Adam had to bail early for his church group) we played to 5 victories best answer was Larry’s “wood chipper” to “sappy”.

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