7405 – I identify with the Hanged man a lot.

Went out and about with Danny yesterday. We didn’t do movies, instead, we hit tarpon bend – I had some conch, he had clams. Ashley, our waitress was nice, the food was average fare.

Afterwards, we went to both Barnes & Noble and Archives for Book-snooping. I didn’t buy any, but was tempted by a few things. Danny got a study guide for Earth Science and Astronomy, to help with certification and teaching those courses next year. We looked for Pratchett’s “The Last Hero”, but it wasn’t in stock.

Dan left about 5ish, and I sat back home… noticed my TV cable is out. I called Comcast, but all I got was a recording, and notification that a human would get back to me on Tuesday. Hopefully, it’ll return before that, but now that it’s morning, and still nothing, I suspect not. I hoofed it down the road to catch the first moonlight movie… I’d forgotten how good Forrest Gump is. Before the main feature, they showed a Laurel and Hardy movie – flying deuces., but stopped it about 20 minutes in, when they realized it wasn’t a short, but over an hour long. The other flub was that at 11pm sharp, the sprinklers turned on. I’m quite thankful that I parked off the grass and sat on a sidewalk bench facing the movie. Side note, there’s something meta about watching Forrest wait for a bus on screen while sitting in a park bench off-screen.

Pictures and doodles from yesterday.:

Upstairs in B&N. They have tasty Chai.

Just setting up the screen. new setup this year.. it’s on an inflatable frame. Pretty nifty, and sets up *fast*

My original spot… I opted for a side seat, because I didn’t want to see a lot of heads in the way of the screen when folks got up for breaks.

Movie start… still twilight.

Pov with night lights. the parking garage was rather bright, but not a distraction.

Sitting in the dark.

Drawn during the “coconut shrimp, pan fried shrimp, etc” scene.

I saw a bicycle rickshaw roll by and I got to thinking tarot-y chariot thoughts – Wheel of Fortune, hanged man, and tower are on top. Interesting that my memory reversed both hanged man and tower details. I’m surprised that I didn’t draw the lovers and the devil, come to think of it.

Walk home – buk 50, d0se and deph were at Riverwalk sometime earlier, it seems.

In the sidewalk lights near Ikon, a pair of desiccated lizard husks rest in peace. Who knows how they got inside, but they were trapped.. never to leave.

Enough procrastinating, I need to sit down and do my writing assignment that was due 2 days ago. Naughty Scotto.

This is how you can watch the trailer for Lost season 2.

Start by following this url – http://www.oceanic-air.com/seatingchart.htm

Then click on the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

After the trailer you get redirected to a site with nice sounds and mysterious pictures. Have fun.

Note to self, pick up a new crimping tool to add cables to the network on Wednesday.

ever-changing web screenplay based on the page you add to the end.

Overheard by proxy via pomoba

“So, after Joss Whedon is fired from the Wonder Woman movie because Serenity bombed, who do you think they’ll get to direct it?”

Classic Story Role quiz – Wayfarer Guide