7379 – *burp*

Had a food stop at Ernie’s… Food arrived fast, and the crew was very friendly. I may’ve found my new lunch hangout – got a fat “cup” (more like bowl) of conch chowder, a big ol’ slice of sweet bimini bread for $3.25, and a delicious honking huge ever-full iced tea for $1.60.

The salads are *gigantic*, too. I wouldn’t be able to finish one… plus, the veggie burger looked really good, too.

I had no room for dessert, though the old standby of Key Lime pie was staring me in the face. Background noise and music was medium-low, loud enough to enjoy the music, not so loud that you couldn’t talk to you lunchmate.

I’ll have to wrangle MP and the rest of the gang to go grab a bite sometime.

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7377 – Also, fun icon.

A doctor is being treated for shock after being punched in the face in a morgue by an apparently dead youngster.

The medic noticed a slight movement in the body of Bogdan Georgescu, 16. When he leant over to look, Bogdan hit out.

The lad had been taken to the morgue in Brasov, Romania, after collapsing and showing no signs of life.

He said: “I woke up and had no idea where I was. I looked to the left and right and saw dead women on either side.

“Then I saw a man in a white coat. I panicked. I thought he would kill me.”


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7375 – Squawk, little parrots!

When did I stop liking Tracy Ullman? I used to love her TV show, but her current tour of promotions is making me yawn.

Current Music: Old Codger (with R. Stevie Moore) – Hotcakes and Sausage MP3 (source)

Moment of Lyric –

Bake me some hotcakes and sausage
Make ’em nice and brown
Hotcakes and sausage
Flip ’em upside down
I’m so tired of roamin’
Goin’ from town to town
Made up my mind now
I’m gonna settle down

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