7408 – oye como va

Seldom are people as deep as they might appear to me. I suspect the same goes for the shallows, but sometimes, it’s very easy to believe otherwise.

Aside from “the Grouch”, I can’t recall having met an Oscar that wasn’t bald or balding.

Intel quietly adds DRM to new chips

Getting into Santana — Santana: Legacy Edition. Very keen. He’s in concert tomorrow night, but I’m not up for the journey to and from AAArena in Miami on a work night.

Nice things about yesterday:

  • Had my hair braided by MP, who was terribly affectionate.
  • Redeemed my Free Lunch! Yum. I’m a freak, who got a big ol’ fruit platter and french fries.
  • Had my full-beard admired and got my lap sat on by MP, as well.
  • Was told that I have a standing invite to visit Columbia and stay with MP while she’s down there. (Not that I could really go, but the offer is sweet, and sincere.)
  • Many hugs and kisses. She quizzed me about a few things in Spanish, and every time I got one right, I got a kiss. There’s some incentive! I’m pretty good at rolling my R’s now, too.

Not as great things :

  • I tried a Sake Martini. *shudder*. I just don’t like most hard Liquor. Rum punches are generally the exception. Apparently This was made with Waka-Sake, a pre-mixed vodka/sake nasty.
  • Mzk blew off for parts west without really answering my calls or following up on some plans we had. Annoying, but not unexpected.
  • MP is off to Columbia in a week. Humbug. I’ll make every effort to see more of her before she goes… not sure if that’s setting myself up for self-torture or not. I do know that I’ll enjoy myself while she’s here.
  • MP is still a little jealous/territorial about me around Em. That’s flattering but unquieting at the same time.

Random MP factoid – birthday is Aug 10 (Leo) – Chinese zodiac –Fire Horse (I’m an Aquarius and an Earth Monkey)

Miyah is doing a great Job as Mzk’s replacement, and Melissa is a very good replacement for Marissa.

All the barstaff are very kind to me, and I can’t buy a Diet Coke… the’y ll keep my filled up on fountain stuff. I still tip well, to be nice, though.

DJ Shir Kan and Party Ben make some fun mash-ups.

Gorillaz vs. Cake – “Never Feel Good” is a fun little ditty, especially if you’re familiar with the sources.

Rywalt is right. All of the characters in Lost are in Zork. The whole show is one giant text adventure game.

I wonder what permanent changes my life will make in the grand scheme of things. Have Taught anyone anything? Implemented some behavior that will continue to make a difference?

I’d like to have some way of looking at a person, and getting a “residual effect” analysis on them. How much goodwill have they passed along? Where did it go from there?

Maybe little glowing white streaks or lines connecting to others…. like chain lightening. I imagine some people would be utterly blotted out by a dazzling nimbus of positivity. Some old schoolteacher, maybe. I’d like to run that sort of analysis on myself… just to see how much I’ve contributed to the lives of my friends.

Newt and I would have a big ol’ tendril or two going back and forth between us, I’m sure.

Even a Santa-style list would be nice. Flip through, looking at names, seeing who you remembered touching in some way, and seeing where that same energy splintered off to other folks.

Ask a fish head anything you want to. They won’t answer, they can’t talk.

How The Chipmunk Got His Stripes / A Native American Legend – Nation Unknown

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