Hmmm… I noticed today at lunch time that the methadone clinic up the street has closed down, and is now for lease… I wonder where the people that used to go there are now, especially at this time of year? I know the homeless population jumps in south florida when it starts to get cold… if you don’t have a roof over your head, you may as well not sleep in the snow.

also, frighteningly enough, is apparently a “legitimate” business… making money by creating dossiers on innocent people… that’s got to be one of the most repugnant type of company I can think of… including advertising. some place that makes money by basically stalking someone for you? Not someone who has broken any laws mind you, nor even suspected of such, but they root through your trash, interview your old employers and loved ones by means of deception to build a file on you, in order to let some desperate, yet wealthy scumbag (not sure what else to call someone who’d pay for that sort of service.) use that knowledge against you and forge a totally false relationship grounded in lies.

How gross is that?

ah well… solace can be found in thoughts of so many true loves out there…

Going on a vacation in a week or two, not far from home, but I’m going to pick up a digicam and go on walkabout… day-trips into the city or country, and take pictures of what I see…

random ramble – something I like about my life –

I can pretty much sleep and read whenever I like. work hours make staying up late, or going to bed early very possible. I highly reccomend a mid-day work schedule.

Thinking of my beloved today… her visage and voice echo in my mind, bringing me warmth, comfort and pleasure… I’m thinking of us soaring over a soft winter landscape, covered in the snugglesome aspect of bedtime blankets and napping in a rainstorm.