Newt goes to the vet tomorrow… checkup time… at a good time, I think, as he’s sneezing this morning. (I think that’s just because he was rooting through a dusty box of books I’d opened last night, though.)

dream fragment

This here is the dream sequence…. it makes no sens-iaaaaa.

dreamt of taking my sweetie to the doctor, and the doc (who looked a lot like agent scully) said that sweetie was “too purple” and had to breathe more… we signed up for yoga classes to fix it…instead of what I think of in a normal class, we sat facing one another breathing deeply, and got a big case of the giggles. We straightened up, and looked into each others eyes… we fell together and became one, taking great pleasure in what comes naturally between a man and a woman in love. (The yoga place vanished, and was replaced by a more intimate environment, somewhere down the line) we talked about getting some shoes for the kitties afterwards… It sounded like a good idea at the time, but upon being wakeful, I don’t think Newt’d dig being “puss in boots”, and nor would the other. I did wake up with her name on my lips, and that’s a nice way to begin the day.

Slept too late for walkies this morning, almost 10 hours last night… that’s practically unheard of. ah well. I must’ve needed the extra rest. Off to shower and dress for work-a-rama.