Story idea – Tarot Tales?

Loose concept: some weirdo works in a large photoprocessing lab, one of the central places where Walgreens sends their stuff. One day he notices a picture that — very coincidentally –looks like something out of the tarot deck. He makes a personal copy and files it away as an oddity. Then he sees another, and another. Then he starts to try and track down the sources, the circumstances and the meanings of these. Then he starts trying to assemble a complete deck.

A different story for different photo/cards? Short snippets, one-pagers, maybe. Might make the morning 1-card spread more interesting to try and weave a tale out of it by the end of day.

Heck, it’s a shame I don’t know 76 other writers, and have each person pick a card to write on, and do a bigger story to knit them all together. I think that’ll be a writing project. randomly draw a card each day, and pull it out of queue, after a story’s been written about it.

Ack… between having Bejeweled, Bebop (sort of sims), and Books on my palm, I’m glad I didn’t have this thing in school… I was actually considereing writing bejeweled for the palmtop before discovering it was ported over beautifully.


Oh, good heavens. I hope this is some sort of joke. is *very very* frightening. Starting a relationship on a stack of pretense.

,(heck, or anyone…) have you heard anything about this weirdness? How about the costs for gathering a dossier?

Looking over the prices, attracting my eye like a car crash… ($88,000, if I read it right), I couldn’t help but think, “Be sure to set aside another hundred grand to pay for the inevitable blackmail.” I mean, c’mon, these guys are amoral enough to do this in the first place, what’s going to stop them from blackmailing their clients later? Professionalism? Maybe…but are you willing to gamble on that? “Pay up, or we tell her how you really met.”

Ugh.. if it is real, and socially acceptable, I’m all the more glad to be a pod. If it’s fake, it’s very professionally done, and I’m not spotting the smirk.

I can almost see this as a freaky perq for high-powered executives. “Sure, we are a high-pressure competitive environment, but look around you at the spouses at the corporate Xmas party. Look good? You bet! Want in?”

Yuck. Ick. Bleh.

skydiverDingaling Newt just walked by with a target bag around his waist. He crawled through on of the handle-eyelets, and it seems to have stopped at his midsection…he’s now running around like a demented skydiver.

This is the best shot I could get before freeing him… he was tooling around all over the place, moving a top Newt-darting speed. He was having fun with the bag, so I removed the handles so he doesn’t trap himself during work…d’oh… I just remembered… I’m taking him into work!

Ah, well… make the boy’s toy safe should he desire to play with it later.

Time for Scotto to do walkies, before it gets too late! See you kids on the flipside.

[update 11:45 – can’t take Newt to work today… special clients, so no kitty love until I get home. 🙁 bah!]

Well, I’m up and at ’em, but walkies are going to wait a little bit this time around, because I’m feeling lazy. I’ll launch myself in a bit, but for now, I’m going to enjoy a little juice and cinnamon toast, slow and easy. This morning at about six was lovely, a morning mist sort of settled low on the ground, over the grass. It’s still pretty cloudy out, so when I do get off of my duff, the walk will be in coolish air, thank goodness. Some mockingbirds are out, and I can barely hear them outside, they must be on the power lines a few blocks over.

It’s Wednesday, so the LOTR movie reviews are going to come rolling onto my friend’s list like some sort of pop-culture high tide, just like Harry Potter did when it first came out. I’ll be interested in seeing what different people think, and how those folks that have similar tastes to my own feel about it. I think there’ll be a surge today, and another on the weekend, when most folks will get a chance to see it. I’m pretty up for catching it myself.

I’m wondering why people in Florida have four-wheel drive. Not really a lot of call for it here in beach country. In the mountains, it makes sense. Here, I think the only time someone in the city would use it is to get over parking stops, or drive-through lanes. Sort of an overrated perq, if you ask me.

I’m also wondering about Galoot and Lug. Are there little lugs? Little Galoots? I’ve only seen and been referred to big ones. I’ll have to look that up, later.