the pond

life is thick
with the feast of the senses.
the pond,
bosom of life
homes the heron in our souls
safe from the hunter of the night.
amid the wisdom of the lotus buds
blooms our understanding
of all things,
like moonlight
penetrating the virgin pond;
all secrets seen clearly

I am a Fish with a Bicycle.

My poetry kills cows, but only with an acute sunset. Four score bald men take their coffee for a walk with my conveyer belt. Death pays those who interfere with my green amusement.

Are your giraffes on fire? The Utterly Surreal Test


turbid (TUR-bid), adjective:
1. Muddy; thick with or as if with roiled sediment; not clear; — used of liquids of any kind.
2. Thick; dense; dark; — used of clouds, air, fog, smoke, etc.
3. Disturbed; confused; disordered.

Turbid comes from Latin turbidus, “confused, disordered,” from turba, “disturbance, commotion.”

That describes my thoughts lately… some scattering and obfuscation. I need some cob-sweeping, and a little reorganization of the processes that go there…Some elements need to either solidify, get folded and put in a drawer, or be chucked out. Thinks were much the same for me this time last year, similar stresses and work struggles… they passed then, and they will pass now, too.

Also, a year ago today….

brok brok!!!

The McNoggin.