The faint constellation Cetus, the Sea Monster, is now visible in the southern evening sky. In Greek legend, Cetus was the creature that was about to eat Andromeda when Perseus vanquished it. To early Christians, Cetus represented the whale that swallowed Jonah.

fun stuff you can find on http://www.accuweather.com/ … I swear, the meteorology sites lately are really nifty!


Massive workies going on… I’m glad they’ve finally chilled to a dull throb… it feels good, though, meeting the challenges, and making things work, even when the client is insane (in da membrane, even). Got all the bits and pieces to run together smoothly, and I’m really digging the result. I’m glad I could touch base with my sweetheart today, even if it was only briefly. 🙂 I’m also glad that she’ll be getting rain soon… Nothing like a nice rain to soothe the soul… water hitting glass tonight.

It’ll be nice to unwind a bit tonight… get comfy.

evil news

Jihad vs McWorld – interesting reading.
It explores the conflict between tribalism and globalism, and comes to the dangerous conclusion that both opposing principles threaten freedom and democracy. The Middle Way shines through the bones of the battlefield once again…

Semen Popsicle + Swedish Lesbians = Child Support
A court in Sweden has ruled that a man who donated sperm for artificial insemination, enabling a lesbian couple to have three children, must pay child support after the two women separated, a Swedish newspaper reported on Sunday.

18.5 Million To Insure Every Kid Can Access Porn
Pride over a deal to provide laptop computers to every high school student in a suburban district has turned to embarrassment after dozens of youngsters were found to have downloaded hard-core pornography. Graphic sexual images have been deleted from many of the Apple iBooks that were issued to Henrico County’s 11,800 high school students in Virginia this year. When the $18.5 million, four-year deal to lease the computers was announced last spring, Superintendent Mark A. Edwards said it would provide a “vibrant, engaged-type of learning that will enhance the learning process.”

“We have given them adult equipment — tools. We have given them to kids who are using them as toys. We’re passing it down the line to kids who aren’t quite ready to use it and they’re going ape.”

Man Addicted to Stalking QVC Personalities
A Phoenix man convicted three years ago of stalking hosts of the QVC home shopping channel was arrested after he showed up at the New Jersey home of another of the channel’s personalities. Phillip Young, 52, was charged with criminal attempted trespass and harassment and held without bail Friday. He was also ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.


autochthonous aw-TOCK-thuh-nuhs, adjective:
1. Aboriginal; indigenous; native.
2. Formed or originating in the place where found.

Autochthonous derives from Greek autochthon, “of or from the earth or land itself,” from auto-, “self” + chthon, “earth.” One that is autochthonous is an autochthon (pronounced aw-TOCK-thuhn).