Where there’s a whip, there’s a way….

A song from the 1980 animated version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Return of the King. Note that this is the third book of the trilogy; Rankin-Bass skipped the first two. The lyrics are most definitely not taken from the book, but they remain forever embedded in my mind as the song I would sing to get up for school or work for the longest time… (I still do, on occasion, in the shower.)

I *still* don’t know all the words. “Where there’s a whip…there’s a way. Where there’s a whip…there’s a way. We don’t wanna go to war today, but the lord of the lash says [something rhyming with day Nay nay nay is what I say]…gonna march all day all day all day — where there’s a whip there’s a way.”

page 'o pents Before anything else, back on the spread for today. Page of Pentacles: Have an Effect/ prosperity, practicality, be trustworthy & trusting. So, shoot for setting goals, and head to them.

Ok, that in mind, I’m back.

I’ve realised that I’ve picked up and enjoy nibbling on a lot of orange to yellow foodies. Orange juice, Corn, Lemonade, Newton Ears (they just get kissed, but they smell good.), cheddar cheese, The package for my honey wheat bread, mustard, pseudo-chicken patties…

maybe, if I get really bored, I’ll sort my pantry by shade… somehow, I don’t think I’ll hit that low a point. Tea’s a brewin’, and I’m in full comfy regalia.

I’ve revived a holiday tradition from last year… Oranges,vanilla yogurt and walunts mixed together as a yummy-yum treat. Very comforting and tasty, condusive to a good read and write.

Got a rejection letter from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, a form letter with a nice handwritten note. Such is life. Off the tales go to my next hope, ol’ Analog again. today’s spread is reminding me to stay focused, and hang tight to plan, work on creating some resultsin this and other things. If F&SF doesn’t dig it, I’m sure someone will and will pay me for it. Time to stop fooling around. 🙂

I should go out, and get my grocery shopping done, but the overwhelming urge to sit tight and just relax at home and read the day away… maybe work on the first Tarot tale, (the nine of wands) Perserverance.

Hmm…. for maximum slacking and comfort though, I should pick up some eats. I’m out of chai and good snacks…*shuffles feet* Ah well… some more walkies will do me good.

*creeeeeeeaks to feet, and puts on the magic birks…Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of a motivated grocery shopper, er “Mobile Ice Statue of a Motivated Shoper”… hey… how come I got the water powers, and Newt got the animal powers? ah well…

See you kids when I return.

stray fugitive LOTR thoughts

agent smithIt seems you are living two lives, Mr. Baggins. One of these lives is a hobbit of Hobbiton. He lives under a hill, pays his taxes, and helps his cousin Bilbo take out the garbage. In the other life, you are the bearer of the One Ring. One of these hobbits has a future, Mr. Baggins, and the other one does not.

Also, from a purely military perspective –

Boromir is in the rather difficult position of a career soldier fighting a losing war, who’s just been informed that the big plan is not to use the superweapon, but instead to have a crack team of leprechauns carry it into Moscow.