name of the game is hurry up and wait. I want ever so much to have tomorrow off, but it looks like the data’s not coming…

got a lot of writing done, in the meantime.. that’s a good thing, anyhow… probably be a new story up by Saturday.

they bought lunch for the goonsquad here at work… I had all manner of starchy goodness. Mac & Cheese, Taters what be a-mashed (in DT-speak), and assorted snackies. All full.. going to start the low carb lifestyle on Saturday (friday, if I don’t have to work) and evaluate the results.This could be a good time to go pure vegan again, too. Not sure… it’s so good for me, but I like tasty fat so much… Heh… Newton is already so much higher on the food chain than I am.

Destroll has been mighty musical today… a little jukebox he be. 🙂 His fault I have the ‘Transformers’ theme running through my skull.

Woo, work beckons! maybe I can take tomorrow off after all!

of a single mind….

I can think of nothing more beautiful, than to listen to my love say anything… as simple as mmhmm… a pattern of freckles on her cheek…a smile on her face, or her sense of accomplishment in a job well done…

I dream of holding her in my arms, feeling her head on my shoulder, hearing her breathe softly in the lead into sleep.

*heart skips a beat….off to bed with me… to dream of being close to her…