Eighteen beans…he means, the heifer weans, as she eats her greens. These scenes revere ravines, as butterflies flutter by and snatch the flies out of the butter. Fly as a flock flies, as aerodynamic airplanes and weathervanes maneuver like cranes while dodging cranes. Brainy crania make many errata, mainly men, while what women name minnows and sinews? Flailing in feelings, reeling in relatives, baking cakes and taking breaks when brakes break–“Heaven’s sake!” Sounds, syllables, liable grounds, filled opal~fallopian fetal pliable petals and metals in Constantinople. Steeple, church, weevil’s lurch, Birch bark, feral beast, dark scourge, nutritional yeast. Feast on the means of the queens’ gowns but recall, moats drown. He who wears fake socks and joins the Fake Sox has loins and groins no one mocks, but fettered and frittered in litter covered in flies. Rock beats are seen as red beets and deadbeats and dead Beats. Sine means fine means for three quarks to equal nineteen. Christine.


I’ve been working hard the last some hours… first rest to gab.

Today’s looking rough, depsite a fresh breakfast of Cap’n Crunch with milk and orange juice, a bright and early morning walk, and a half-hour of playing with the Newtie-boy before work. Upon my arrival at work today, a screaming horde of maniacal work orders flew at me, not unlike seagulls from ‘The Birds’. I’m mostly unharmed though… waiting for some systems to reboot, so I can get the print server to work right…

What’s for Lunch? I hope you sickies are having tea and maybe some hot soup… I’m shooting for subway, maybe. Someplace that has tasty, not-to-bad-for-me food, to make up for the sugary-filled breakfast.

Some more wacky links, if you’re of a mind…

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A holiday game for you!


The Cheap ass Game that fits on a business card

Players: 2-6

Playing Time: Two minutes and up.

Object: To run everyone else out of coins.

To Begin: Each player starts with one quarter, two dimes, three nickels, and four pennies. Determine randomly who will go first. Thereafter, play proceeds to the left.

On Each Turn: Play one coin from your pile into the middle of the table. You may then take change from the table, up to a penny less than the value of the coin you played. For example, if you play a dime, you can take out up to nine cents, if there are nine cents to be taken.

To Win: Be the last player with any coins left.

Strategy: Watch the pennies, and try to lose as little money as possible each turn. Don’t spend your quarter if you can only take out ten cents. Try to force your opponent to do exactly the opposite. Take away his pennies so he has to make lousy change. Good luck!

Something for you kids to play, while waiting for the grownups to quit talking about amortization.