on my mind today…

ever wonder what you were, before you were you?

here’s the thing… matter is never created nor destroyed, only transformed… (mostly, according to comtemporary physics…)

I would love to trace back to my inorganic origins, and find where they were, before comprising my body….

How much of my body was a chunk of a dinosaur, before feeding plants, animals, and so on, before being integrated into my system?

What protien was my father’s sperm, before it was sperm? a donut? a steak?

how many other human bodies are actually *part* of my body? these atoms have been around… the skin cells in my little finger possibly were part of a meteroite that hit earth years ago…

Where will my pieces go, or for that matter have gone? dust mites are chewing on us all, flaking little bits off all the time… I’m sure Newt has some of what was once my skin in his system, now, as I’d wager I have his.

ink from old tattoos, bits of glass, redwood tree, a scrap of an ancient chastity belt, a shard from a tiger’s tooth, … who knows where these pieces were…

If you follow the big bang theory, or any idea that all comes from the same place, be it by design, accident or somewhere in between it still means the same to me… we’re all made of the same stuff. I love that idea.

Spanish Caught for Not Being Retarded.

Oh, boy, reminds me of last night’s game of AOK…

why pose as players of one level, when you’re actually at another?

I was playing in a rookie AOK game last night, and twice speedy-players were there wreaking havoc on the newbies, despite the disclamer, and comments to agreeing to playing on a learning-curve level.

One reason that leaps to mind is “winning is what counts”, and if the only way you can win is by hitting folks that aren’t in the same league, what’s the point? I can kick any beginner’s tush at go-moku or chess, but I’d much rather teach someone how to play, and be challenged later. Where’s the glory of beating someone who’s still learning the game, or just totally isn’t on the same skill level?

Happily, my co-player bailed out of the game, and I followed suit… depriving them of a ‘vicotry’.

My big gripe with MSN is the amount of socially inept, rude and impatient folks that are there. Fortunately they’re in the minority, albeit a vocal and annoying one.

I look forward to honing my AOK2 skill more with good folk in the coming times ahead…

by the way, Tarpo… this CD rocks the party… it’s had me run the gamut from joy, grief, and glee.

normal hours.

I was restless again last night… hit the sack at 10:30, and was uneasy, unfocused and unhappy. Bad mojo was in the air, I read part of the night, not absorbing any of it, absently hugging the kitty. Brain fried from the hellweek, I think. I need to get back into a sleep schedule.

anyhow, as I had hours and hours before work today, I got out, did my walk and donated blood… played with newt when I got home, until 11:30, when I left for work.

I just heard through the grapevine that we might be closed friday, and monday. Well, I’m not going to work the next two mondays… Christmas and New Years… sakes, no. It’ll be sweet to get Friday off, though… I’ll be able to get back to paces.