Feb 5 2024

Day 20,091 Birdsong and a visiting squirrel on the camera this morning, and then I saw another squirrel at the duck pond on another low stone wall around one of the trees there. The duck pond squirrel had a little bob on its tail, and the one in our back yard had a full, fluffy one. Both were gray and white, and moved at a really good clip. I’m glad they were caught on video- we don’t get as many squirrels here as we did in Maryland. I am hoping to see another piebald “albino” one sometime in our new neck of the woods. #doodle #feb052024 #happymonday #squirrel #backyardzoo #lakespringpark #salemva https://www.instagram.com/p/C2-tdcBu3gS/?igsh=OTNjaDd4YjVtYjR1

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