Feb 29 2024

Day 20,115 First day of physical therapy, my guide (trainer? Nurse?) Was a guy named Jake and he had arms like a blacksmith. Very good at teaching safety and fundamentals, I have homework before I go back next week. Pearl was very happy when I got home, she’s not used to me taking off right after giving her breakfast. When I finally sat down on the couch after my shower, she ran up my lap and gave a hearty pile of headbutted and was very appreciative of ear rubs. Looking forward to some pain relief and some more flexibility. #doodle #physicaltherapy #misspearl #catsofinstagram #tabbycatsofinstagram #stripedcatsofinstagram #roanokeva #feb202024 #leapday https://www.instagram.com/p/C38r0cUu3Kj/?igsh=eWp0aXB2anN1dDNj

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