Feb 26 2024

Day 20,112

Every day, spring grows closer. Grass, phlox, and assorted little wildflowers are starting to appear, even as the trees are still pretty leafless.

Most notably, birds seem to be more apparent- maybe because the grasses are seeding? They look to be bouncing on lawns and the ground more this last week or so.

I’ve been playing with doodling in hot pink and green lately, mostly because I’m having a little trouble getting under the hood of the 3d printer, but now I wonder if I could produce some neat filament to print a black light poster kind of thing? I wonder how printed PLA would do under UV for an extended period, if I made some kind of wall hanging with a black light bulb pointed at it? Ah well, time to get out and about. Until later, doodle journal.

#doodle #weather #3dprinting https://www.instagram.com/p/C30Had-uFbo/?igsh=ZjV1bTFpanZqaGpr

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