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Rest in Peace, Webmonkey. I hope the zombie of your concept rises soon, to feed on the brains of other young web developers elsewhere.

I’m opting out of Dragon*Con this year, because it looks like zero of the six people who were going to go (that I wanted to see and visit with) are giving it a pass this year for one reason or another. I can validate the cost of the trip as a get-together, but not just for gaming and shopping.

I’m still shooting for a trip to Sterling, VA sometime this summer, though.

Two entries ago I poured out a long, heartfelt post about a lot of things… so many things in fact, that I retroactively privatized it. Stuff about my bro, friendships, oddball behaviors of mine, attitude changes and so on. Some large changes are coming up in my life, a few I can see, many I don’t even know by name yet, but I’m sure are out there. I’m rethinking some aspects of who I am, and what I’m about.

Some Elements I wish to retain are –

Basic Kindness, and a desire to help others
Sharp skills in my field and interests
Being honest with people when possible, Diplomacy as needed otherwise
Knowing boundaries where I can be open, and where I must close.
Give as good as I get, or better
An acceptable level of Justice
analysis of information on multiple levels at the same time. (See the forest and the trees. And the leaves, the systems within and innate beauty of all of the above
quality time with Newton and Friends

Some Elements I wish to acquire –

A greater sense of general knowledge over specialization (especially by filling in any fragmented gaps)
Interest in getting goals done in a timely manner, with minimal stress – (Focus without anxiety.)
Less Slovenly appearance
Better tolerance of people who refuse to communicate properly, or at least accept it when folks will not hear what I have to say (even when I’m asked for “input”)
Love without condition.
An acceptable level of Mercy (I seem to have too much or too little, depending on the situation.)

Aspects to remove or modify –

Regain balance in all 4 aspects of life – Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual.
Develop a more structured regimen to develop those areas that are currently weak (Physical seems highest on the list, though the others, too)
Rework current financial plans, allow for greater depth of field.
Eliminate Burnout – Find good, acceptable strengths in what’s being done, and do the best to diminish or remove negatives.
More tolerance of the foolish and ignorant (but continue to remove them from positions where they can harm themselves or others)
Hone view of other folks’ signals, and act on them, but remain my own person
Writing – minimum 1 hour a day of drills, practice, etc. Same goes for a body workout with weights or something more than just walking.
Better Dietary Controls – slipping up too much

Bottom Line: focus on growth, health and being a good person.

We’ll see how I do at this in the times to come.

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