on the bus…

testing out quickpress. not too tough via the phone.

a quick recap – did inventory catch up on saturday, had a moment of net loss at work on sunday from 11-3ish. apparently comcast isn`t the only dc area fail. (at least verizon was a sunday)

sunday dinner was a lot of circles with a few squares inside – cheese and crackers with in-laws, veggie shepherds pie, with homemade apple pie for dessert.

got lunged up a bit last night -cpap helped a lot, though.

slept from about 930pm to 5 this am.

fully enjoying xmas music now… close enough for it to make sense. lego advent calendar has been a lot of fun so far… blacksmith and a knight with assorted anvil and hammer equipment so far.

today should be a busy one… lots to do and review. talk to you later, dear journal!

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