8519 –

Can’t say as I’ve ever been so enthused about Monday, but it means I’m one day closer to vacation. Most of my walkies yesterday were just random, meandering zigzags around the sofla landscape.

I have to keep my thoughts fairly contained, but there are surely times where I wish I could leap ahead in time to the grander moments. (of course there are also points where I wish I could hold a moment forever, so I suppose it all balances out.)

quiz thingums

8518 – HP Lovecraft’s Birthday… again, already?

Palmtran rather stinks. Route 92 only runs until 5pm on Saturday? That made a 2pm walkabout sort of tight.

Plus, it was raining.

Plus, I’m a big ol’ lazy slacker man who preferred to lounge around the hacienda all day.

So, no Sugar Sand Saturday. Perhaps Sunday is the day to do it? We’ll see how sturdy I am about pursuing it.

First bus is at 730 am (I’ll shoot for be on the 10am ride – It *is* Sunday after all)

Saturday was devoted to lounging about the house, playing with Newton, watching the first four episodes of The Shield (good call, graypumpkin!), browsing Weird Maryland, sleepy talk on IM / looking to the week ahead, napping to the sound of rain… and having veggie burgers for dinner.

Maroone Moonlight Movies returns to Huizenga Plaza on Friday, August 25th at Sundown! (I’ll be buttering birthday noses, but it’s good to see the movies back now that it’s cooling off again) It’s pooch friendly, and the movie is All Dogs Go To Heaven.

Fiesta Ft. Lauderdale is next weekend, too.

Moment of Lyric – mp3 or youtube video

Mr. Jones
Put a wiggle in your stride
Loosen up
I believe he’ll be all right
Changing clothes
Now he’s got ventilated slacks
Bouncing off the walls
Mr. Jones is back!
Bulge out
And wind your waist
Tight pants
Got curly hair
Drinking cold beer
From metal cans
And Handi-Wipes!
Mr. Jones is back in town
it’s his lucky day
Hold up your hands and shout
Jones is on his way
Pitter pat
Mr. Jones is back in town
Aces high
Now his pants are falling down
He looks so fine
In those patent leather shoes
Mr. Jones, you look tired
I believe you’ll be all right
Sales men
Some rock stars
With tambourines
Short skirts
And skinny legs
Selling bibles
And real estate
It’s a big day for Mr. Jones
He is not so square
Mr. Jones will stick around
He’s everybody’s friend
Fast cars
And motorbikes
I’m sure glad
He’s on our side
The Jones Gang
Down at the bar
Watch out, this time
They’ve gone too far
They call for Mr. Jones
They put him in charge
Mr. Jones will help us out
He’s a lucky guy
It is Mr. Jones’ Birthday party
For another year
In his hotel room Party favors
It’s a holiday

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8517 – some pictures before launch – click to embiggen

Photos taken on the bus to work yesterday

another gay movie
The perfect marquee for the Gateway theater in Fort Lauderdale (near Victoria Park – a very gay-friendly community)

I have a soft spot for this place… one of the few joints that’ll show art house / revival / non mainstream type stuff. Last thing I saw there was Superman – old-school seating… I’ve been spoiled by recliners and stadium-style. The last indy film I caught was the They Might Be Giants documentary.

They just need to get more interest in 70s kung fu movies or giant atomic-breathing dinosaurs and we’ll be right on.

Two pictures of them tearing down the post office… I have a strange fondness for urban ruin / visible rebar.

You’ve Changed 44% in 10 Years

You’ve done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you’re still the same person.
You’re clothes, job, and friends may have changed some – but it hasn’t changed you.

Dr. Grordbort does it again. “Ready to Use” the ManMelter 3600 ZX comes prepped to vaporise all and sundry down to a molecular level. Featuring many of the latest ameliorations in Raygun Technology, it comes with Phlogiston cannisters, cleaning apparatus and wingdings, so that you may commence atomising Moon Soldiers or neighborhood dogs at your earliest convenience.


Someone remind me to pick up a Manmelter 3600ZX Sub-Atomic Disintegrator Pistol while I’m out picking up Newton-treats today…I’m not sure what the moon man situation is up north right now.

Here’s my walkabout mp3 for the journey out. until later, dear journal! (music via)

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8515 – a quickie

Hack or Break Into a Windows Xp Computer Without Changing Password

If I didn’t like tabletop RPG gaming for the social aspect, I think I’d have gone in for use of school supplies, at least at first. I don’t think I’d have stuck around for nearly as long, however.

All kinds of fun can be had with pen lights and long exposures. (the whole site has neat entries)

Yes.com has a nice real-time visualization of what’s being played on the radio around the country (U.S. only.) You can drill down and check out the recently played items of many stations around you as well.

I’m really enjoying Weird Maryland… thanks, bhk! 😀 Even if I don’t get to hunt bigfoot or the anti-santa when I’m up that way, knowledge is power! I wouldn’t mind visiting Poe’s Crypt, if there’s time.

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8513 – midweek, or the first day of my workweek

Just about a week before launch.. I really hope that work doesn’t need to call me while I’m out of state. I have to remember to let Fatima know that I need to reschedule her cleaning.

Fined For Using Someone Else’s WiFi

Got a Wu update from Danny – Doug sounds like he’s taking to fatherhood well and is still has a focus on music. It’s hard to believe that his daughter is already 10 months old! Speaking of a gamer’s babies – (not Doug’s)

I wonder what his THAC0 is?

level 1 human

For me to test on a sample machine later. Password bypass

The Secret Life of Walter Kitty – Illos for the coming book.

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8512 – raccoons, giant ants, moldy bread and freemasons make me smile

Yesterday, calls from work totaled for peppered from 9 to 4 pm. It wasn’t terrible – my journey to sugar sand park was rained out anyway. I’ll be journeying there today (or next weekend), instead

A rewatching of His Kind of Woman was the filler during the thunder and lightning. Not a bad deal, it was more of a light parody of Noir than an actual Noir flick, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. Jane Russell looked a little rough around the edges…not as much vaseline on her camera lens as I’m used to. Entertaining writing, and a good vibe. Vincent Price made the movie even more than Mitchum.

Just shipped to me by Netflix – Lake Placid (Betty White’s Finest hour), Smoke Signals and Seven Samurai.

Uh-oh. It seems that the Sun-Sentinel has caught on to geocaching. I fear for the safety of local sites for a week or two, now.

The Monarch is being driven to a dinner with his ex, Dr. Girlfriend, and her new boyfriend, Phantom Limb.

The Monarch: “I plan to use the never-fail strategy of jealousy!”
Henchman: “Who’s your date?”
The Monarch: “I met her on the LiveJournal. Which I kept in prison. I have been blogging.”

Oh, my ears and whiskers.

Max von Sydow looks considerably different in The Seventh Seal than in Strange Brew.

Had a wonderful morning off, no business calls or unwelcome interruptions… the whole time lounging and waking slowly and comfortably. I can’t remember the last time I spent all day before noon in bed. I’m now munching some tasty pb&j before heading out for a little midday walkabout. until later, dear journal.

Quotes meme –

Instructions: Go to http://www.quotationspage.com/random.php3 and look through random quotations until you find 5 that you think reflect who you are or what you believe. Then post them in your journal.

Give not over thy soul to sorrow; and afflict not thyself in thy own counsel. Gladness of heart is the life of man and the joyfulness of man is length of days.
– Ecclesiastes

In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love; they had five hundred years of democracy and peace and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.
– Orson Welles (1915 – 1985), The Third Man, 1949

Whenever you find yourself on the side of majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.
– Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)

Nothing is worse than active ignorance.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 – 1832)

Mi taku oyasin. (We are all related.)
– Lakota belief

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8511 – “vacation day”

About 45 minutes ago, work called and woke me up – the two machines in accounting are not talking to each other for some reason – some sort of sharing issue.

If they can’t get it to work, I may have to take the 90-minute commute all the way down there to spend two minutes reestablishing a network connection. That’d be quite annoying. We’ll see if I can walk them through it.

[edit – Ah, thank goodness. 10:49am, and I didn’t have to cruise all the way down there. back on track]

Some walkabout pictures from yesterday – Hover over the thumbnail for a title, or click to make with the bigger.

The 3-d movie yesterday was fun, as was the trip to the museum of art. Tina was nice company, too. I could eat another couple of those 3-cheese empenadas.

Last night was a delight, cooing into the wee hours of the morning with Allison until I was drifting into snoozetown. Pleasant, happy dreams followed.

Ghosts, bird flu, more giraffes, hellhounds, skulls, many stickers

Skaters at the Broward County Library. I have quite a few of these.. could make an animated icon, perhaps.

fountain geocache, RR tracks, Wrecked GPS marker by imax

Well, now that I’m officially free, I think I’ll take myself out to breakfast, and work my way to Sugar Sand Park. Have a happy one, dear journal!

Bonus – I can get to Sugar Sand via one bus from Hillsboro & Fed – 92 westbound to loggers run, once an hour at 20 past. (I’ll make it to the 12:20, no problem, but 11:20 may be over-optimistic)

And now, the archives –

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8510 – walkabout pics

quick peek at the knickknack shelf

turtles in the pond out back.

tri-rail station travels, and quarry

From the Bass Pro Shops – catfish, critters mostly stuffed, and a pontoon boat control panel

Pics from Britta’s Birthday at the Pub – Matt, Lance, Helen, and Britta.

Had a nice time yesterday… before heading to the pub, m_c & I visited outdoor world and window-shopped a bit… scoped out the boats (fishing / Kayak / pleasure), and I really liked the look of one of the pontoon skiffs. If I lived on the river or a canal, I’d seriously consider getting it to tool around in. There was a lot of nutty taxidermy there… I was reminded of the Ace Ventura line “What a lovely room of death”.

After the Bass Pro Shop, we hit the pub early.. got a little spinach and artichoke dip, and chitty-chatted until the rest of the gang showed up.we had a good time, and I happy to meet everyone. Our end of the table had Matt, Tina, and Helen, and the conversation was very nice. I was pleasantly surprised to meet helenangel in person, and alectoerinyes seemed to really dig her b’day with us all. We actually got goodie bags filled with candy and little toys! one of the party favors received was a Snap deck… curious, since I just found out what snap is from eryx_uk about half a week ago. Matt lives in WPB, and was kind enough to zip me home at about 1:30am, otherwise I’d have had to hit the ol’ northbound tri-rail at 10pm. He’s a nice guy – went to HS with Helen, now a pilot for Jet Blue. Very knowledgeable and a warm-hearted sort of person. I didn’t get to talk much with Lance, and the Librarian crew on the other side of the table, mostly because the music was a little loud, and the chat-dynamics didn’t allow for much talking more than two chairs over. I think the next time I do something like that, I’m going to try a “shift seats every 2 hours” sort of thing, just so I can absorb a little bit of everybody.

All in all, it was an excellent day.

Today, my plans are movies about the sea. Pirates of the Caribbean, and IMAX: Deep Sea 3-D.

Until later, dear journal!

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